Aerial Survey

Access to accurate, high resolution vertical aerial photography is paramount when mapping and managing land, buildings or assets<br><br>

LiDAR Survey

Commissioning a bespoke LiDAR survey puts you in complete control, ensuring the data you receive is perfectly suited to the end application<br><br>

Thermal Survey

Analyse thermal imagery, discover energy trends, and disseminate findings to stakeholders at all levels<br><br><br>

UAV Survey

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles provide a rapid, cost effective alternative to traditional aerial acquisition techniques<br><br><br>

Solar Mapping

Solar panel mapping provides the ability to list properties and sites suitable for solar power generation<br><br>

Landuse / Topo Mapping

Both modern and historical airborne GIS data can help in the analysis of past and present land use<br><br>

Photogram Services

Bluesky have an expert, team of photogrammetrists, allowing us to undertake high-end mapping and data creation to detailed specifications

Film & Map Scanning

Paper maps can be converted into GIS ready digital maps via the Bluesky map scanning service<br><br>