Aerial Photography

Aerial photography covering the UK is available at various different resolutions and scales<br><br>

LiDAR Height Data

High resolution, accurate LiDAR height data is available for a number of areas off-the-shelf<br><br>

Standard Height Data

Height data is available in a variety of formats and resolutions, covering small areas or entire cities

Thermal Imagery

Find inefficient buildings suitable for improvement using airborne thermal imagery of entire cities and towns

National Tree Map

Bluesky's National Tree Map identifies each tree in a given location and shows its proximity to buildings

3D City Models

3D models of entire cities can be created using high resolution aerial imagery<br><br>

Solar Panel Mapping

Bluesky's Solar Panel Mapping solution for GIS and CAD applications, assess potential use for solar panels

OS Mapping

Bluesky is an official partner of the Ordnance Survey and is an appointed Mapping and Data Centre

Historical Imagery

Bluesky maintains an archive of aerial imagery dating back to 1917 including the 1940s RAF survey


Air Quality Mapper is an instrument which measures the amount of nitrogen dioxide over an area


View the night time environment to manage street furniture and other night time sources of light


NDVI gives you an instant, detailed insight into the health and maturity of the Nations flora<br><br>