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James Eddy receives honorary title from University of Leicester

James Eddy, Technical Director of aerial survey specialist Bluesky, has been conferred the honorary title and status of Industrial Associate by the University of Leicester (UK). As Bluesky’s technical innovator James has been working in partnership with the University of Leicester on a number of projects including research into the development of a new system for Nightsky mapping and the use of specialist sensors for air quality monitoring. Designed to provide recognition of the significant and regular contribution to the work of the Department of Geography made by James, the title runs for a period of five years. “This is a real honour and totally unexpected,” commented James. “We have been working closely with the University on a number of projects combining their experiences and expertise with our own to develop unique, technically advanced, yet truly useful solutions to some of the challenges and opportunities faced by the remote sensing industry.” In addition to the collaborative projects to design and develop new earth observation solutions James has also contributed to the work of the University in his roles as Chairman of a steering group providing advice and guidance to G-STEP. G-STEP is a University of Leicester service designed to maximise the use of satellite imagery by businesses. The University of Leicester is also a partner in and EC funded research project for which Bluesky provide the technical lead. Working with partners from across Europe Bluesky are investigating the use of geographic data to assess the suitability of individual properties for solar energy generation and creating a web based portal to deliver this data online. ”The partnership with Bluesky International has helped the business as well as supported a number of student projects” says Professor Balzter, Director of the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research at the University of Leicester. “Industry/academia partnerships are crucial for the economic recovery. They lead to innovation, new markets and economic growth. At the same time they benefit researchers and students by providing access to spatial data, technical know-how and inside knowledge. We are keen that our research has a tangible impact on the local economy and benefits people.” The University of Leicester is the only university to win seven consecutive Times Higher Education Awards and was recognised by the Times Higher for being “elite without being elitist”. Leicester was also selected as Times/Sunday Times 2014 University of the Year runner-up and is the highest climbing UK University in the world top 200 according to the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Honorary Titles are conferred by the University, from time to time, to esteemed visitors or collaborators. Titles, such as Industrial Associate, recognise a significant, regular contribution that is made, on an unpaid basis, to the work of the University by a non-staff member.


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