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Bluesky Aid Planning for UK Construction

Aerial photographs from Bluesky are helping landscape consultants Cooper Partnership Ltd, achieve planning permission for some of the most high profile and potentially controversial construction projects in the UK. These have included siting of wind turbines, developments on greenbelt land and nuclear power stations. One of the country’s leading landscape planning practices, Cooper Partnership regularly uses Bluesky images to complete desktop assessments prior to undertaking a site visit as a background for conceptual master planning stage. The high resolution imagery from Bluesky is also used in illustrative and presentational material to provide site context. Cooper Partnership has provided landscape, townscape and environmental planning services to projects such as the M6 Toll Road, Fawley Power Station, Cranbrook new settlement and more recently the new Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Harrow. “We have been using Bluesky now for many years,” commented Stacie Kaniecki, Senior Landscape Technician at Cooper Partnership, “They provide a wide range of resolutions and licence options making it easy to tailor to the individual requirements of our clients and projects.” “The Bluesky aerial photographs are perfect for desktop assessments and conceptual master planning as it is essential that we use high resolution images to convey our layouts and designs as clearly as possible showing how they will integrate into the existing landscape in the best possible way.” The 25cm and higher resolution aerial photographs supplied by Bluesky are taken from their off-the-shelf archive which covers the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. Continuously updated on a five year rolling data capture programme, the high resolution digital image files are available in a range of formats suitable for use in desktop mapping, GIS and CAD software packages. All images are available to view and purchase online at the recently re-launched Bluesky MapShop www.blueskymapshop.com “The order process operated by Bluesky is easy to use, quick and reliable and when we have required data in a hurry they have been happy to help,” continued Stacie. “We have recently extended our relationship with Bluesky and are now exploring the use of their digital surface models to provide essential 3D context with hi-tech visualisations and fly throughs.”

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