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Bluesky Announces International Expansion at Intergeo 2013

Using a state of the art airborne mapping system, aerial surveying company Bluesky is expanding its international operations. The integrated system, developed by Optech, includes a LiDAR and fully integrated thermal sensor and high resolution camera. Already proven in the UK the system, thought to be a world first, has already been successfully deployed in Northern Europe with additional projects proposed in Central Europe and the Middle East. The Bluesky system combines the Orion M300 LiDAR, CS-LW640 Long Wave Infrared thermal sensor and a CS-10000 RGB camera. “The integrated Optech system has been very successfully used for many projects in the UK and the results have provided our customers with the highest quality data as well as economic advantages due to the simultaneous capture of multiple data types,” commented Rachel Tidmarsh, Managing Director of Bluesky International. “We are now in a position to offer these advantages to potential customers around the world.” “Bluesky is the perfect example of an organization with the talent and vision to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of the latest Optech sensors. In addition, we are pleased that the ultra-compact and modular design of the system has made it portable and easy to install for them, further supporting Bluesky in their ambitious plans to expand their operations beyond the UK,” added Bill Sharp, Marketing Manager at Optech, Inc. The Optech solution used by Bluesky includes an Orion M300 LiDAR (Light Imaging Detection and Ranging) system; which uses aircraft mounted lasers to accurately determine the distance between the sensor and the ground or other targets such as buildings and vegetation. Specifically designed to offer a cost effective, high performance solution at mid altitudes, the Orion M300 is ideally suited for applications such as infrastructure modelling and environmental monitoring, including flood risk analysis and forestry management. The Optech CS-LW640 sensor records thermal infrared measurements and has already generated impressive results for recent projects. In upcoming projects it will be used for identifying heat loss from buildings, pipeline monitoring and forestry analysis. Like the CS-10000, it can be used simultaneously with the LiDAR or independently to fit the end user requirements. In addition to capturing thermal images of the target sites, the CS-LW640 camera can be mounted simultaneously with the other two sensors, providing customers with a wealth of coincident information for their area of interest; a complete solution, including highly efficient automated data processing, resulting in substantial acquisition savings. Optech is a pioneer in the development, manufacture and support of advanced lidar and imaging-based survey instruments. The Orion M300 from Optech is the world’s smallest complete LiDAR mapping system. Combining high-density data collection with high-precision results the M300 offers the latest in technology innovation and system design. The M300 includes multi-pulse technology and an effective ground sampling rate of 300 kHz significantly increasing the efficiency of data collection and the density of collected points. Incorporating the latest in narrow pulse width lasers and advanced timing electronics the M300 delivers high precision and accuracy to all target surfaces while maintaining enhanced small target detectability. Additional enhancements include an expanded operating envelope via an all-new variable laser power option; new user selectable scan patterns for increased point-pattern flexibility; higher scan frequencies for improved point distribution; next-generation POS technology with a 220-channel GPS receiver; compatibility with Optech’s new 12-bit IWD-2 Intelligent Waveform Digitizer; and compatibility with an all-new multi-station sensor platform enabling scalable tightly-integrated peripheral sensor options from Optech’s diverse camera product line. The ultra-compact, modular design also feature multi sensor mounts, enables small platform operation and allows for ease of installation, portability and serviceability. The CS-LW640 thermal survey camera is based on an uncooled microbolometer sensor with a resolution of 640x480 and shares the core features of all Optech cameras, including the ruggedized construction of the sensor/lens assembly, integrated kinematic mounts, and geometric calibration. Designed for urban heat loss mapping, environmental monitoring, defence and security analysis and utility discharge detection the CS-LW640 is integrated to create a unique airborne imaging solution. The CS-10000 is the perfect digital aerial camera for LiDAR integration and small engineering surveys. An 80-Mpix full frame CCD, RGB camera the CS-10000 has a foot print of 10320 by 7760 pixels along the flight line and a capture rate of 1 frame every 2 seconds. www.optech.ca

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