Analysis of the past provides the perfect platform for interpreting and understanding the present, and in the prediction of future events. At Bluesky, we can help you understand how the world around us is changing through our unsurpassed collection of historic aerial photographs that cover the length and breadth of the UK.
Our unrivalled archive of over a million photos span almost a century, starting in 1917, and capture the UK through periods of great change including the inter and post war years, the huge infrastructure expansion of the 60’s and 70’s, and the continuing urban spread of our major towns and cities.


  • Summary Report of historical aerial photo coverage


  • Supplied as prints or scans


  • Available as JPEG, TIFF, ECW, KMZ


  • Letter of Authenticity available


  • Over one million photo's online


  • Clear, visual results


  • Ability to monitor change


  • Boundary & Footpath Disputes


  • Land Use Classification Analysis


  • Environmental Monitoring


  • Insurance Risk Assessment


  • Local Interest Studies


  • Historical Records



The OldAerialPhotos.com Archive Pack is designed to provide all of the documentation needed to improve a boundary dispute or adverse position case. It includes:


  • 1 digital archive scan of your image.


  • 1 A4 print of an extract of the archive scan centred on the site required.


  • A certificate of authenticity to prove the date


  • The flight report confirming search result undertaken


  • A digital & printed copy from the most recent digital aerial photo from the rectified dataset for comparison.

An aerial photograph is the ideal way of recording a specific time and place, and as such our historic images can provide the evidence you need if you have a disputed boundary or adverse possession dispute. We also work with a highly experienced team of photographic interpreters and expert witnesses to further support and enhance the use of aerial photography as part of your case.

With several repeat surveys of major towns, cities and landmarks, Bluesky historic aerial photography provides the best possible primary data source for mapping and detecting change, identifying long-gone features, and tracking the spread and movement of our urban landscapes.



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