Bluesky has launched a subscription service for accessing their entire catalogue of oblique aerial imagery captured as part of their MetroVista™ suite of data.

Oblique imagery offers a wealth of information not evident from traditional vertical aerial photography. One of the traditional challenges for users of oblique imagery is that the file sizes are very large and many GIS packages are not optimised to handle such data. Bluesky’s MetroVista™ Oblique Viewer makes this data available through an easy-to-use web interface, meaning the value of the data can be realised without the burden of internal data management or further investment in software.

With MetroVista™ Oblique Viewer subscriptions your whole team can access the data on an all-you-can-consume basis, making it easy to derive meaningful decisions based on the intelligence contained within the imagery. The oblique viewer is cloud-based and includes height and area measurement tools for taking accurate measurements of buildings, walls and street features.

Service Benefits

Service Features

  • Intuitive view of the urban environment. Oblique imagery makes it easy to understand complex environments by offering a true-to-life view from multiple angles that top-down aerial photography and mapping cannot do alone.

  • Reduce site visits. There are even less reasons to make that car journey. This makes your team more productive with less ‘down-time’ driving and a huge reduction in costs and CO2 emissions.

  • Informed decision-making. Having access to time-stamped imagery gives staff increased confidence in decision-making. Being sure of when changes were made allows staff to plan ahead, provide accurate information to the public or customers, and conduct meaningful assessments of how the environment has changed.

  • Better communication of ideas. Sharing oblique imagery is a great way to engage a client or colleague with your ideas. There’s no interpretation of GIS data, it’s exactly as you see it.

  • Protect against claims. The oblique imagery can be used if claims against your organisation are made. Having time-stamped evidential data to support claims cases can have a vast reduction in fraudulent claims being approved.

  • Intuitive birds-eye view. Use oblique imagery to see more detail of the built environment than you would with a 2D map or aerial photography. This view helps users of GIS to better understanding of the area with an intuitive birds-eye view.

  • Side-by-side views. Choose between a vertical or horizontal split-screen view.

  • Vertical measurement. Measure the height from the base of a building or feature.

  • Area/Façade measurement. Measure the vertical façade area of a building

  • Rotate view. Toggle through all angles of imagery to look around a building.

  • No browser plugins. The MetroVista™ Oblique Viewer does not require any plugins, flash or any special settings in the web browser to work.


Data Features

  • Managed hosting. With this subscription service you don’t need to download and store any data, it’s available when you need it.

  • Managed data. As Bluesky capture more imagery, it’s automatically added to your account, meaning you always have access to the most up-to-date data.

Toggle through all angles of imagery to look around a building.

MetroVista™ Oblique Viewer Video