Airborne LiDAR are systems comprising high powered laser scanners mounted in an aircraft that measures the time that the laser takes to return from the object it was fired at.  This, combined with the position and orientation of the scanner (determined by differential kinematic GPS and an Inertial Measurement Unit), then gives us measurements of the height of distinct points in the topography below the aircraft. We can achieve accuracies of up to +/-5cm with point densities up to 30 points per sq m.

This technology can capture hundreds of thousands of point measurements every second and can cover many hundreds of sq km in a single sortie.  Detailed flight planning by the Bluesky flight operations team means that every project is captured in the most cost effective way without compromising quality and giving you the exact data you require for your application.

LiDAR can penetrate dense tree canopy, enabling the capture bare earth terrain models beneath the forest, as well as the internal structure of the forest itself. Many other derived products can be generated including vegetation and assets (powerlines, buildings, infrastructure), this can be done through the robust classification methods employed at Bluesky. Simultaneous acquisition of either aerial photography or thermal infrared imagery gives you the opportunity to add further intelligence to your LiDAR data, enabling more detailed analysis, interpretation and interrogation than ever before.

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LiDAR Airborne LiDAR system



Commissioning a bespoke LiDAR survey puts you in complete control, ensuring the data you receive is perfectly suited to the end application



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Commissioning a bespoke LiDAR survey from Bluesky puts you in complete control, ensuring the data you receive is perfectly suited to the end application. Bluesky’s LiDAR acquisition capability is second to none, owning and operating the highest specification LiDAR instrument in the UK, and the first in the world to be fully integrated with both a photogrammetric digital survey camera and thermal infrared sensor. Additionally, all of our aircraft, and our experienced flight operations team, are on standby 24/7 all year round, ensuring we are in prime position to meet any data capture window; crucial when you are working in the UK!

Bluesky Optech Orion M300 LiDAR