Thermal Mapping

Thermal surveys continue to be widely used by both Housing Associations and Local Authorities across the UK to assess heat emissions from buildings during the Winter season.  Using our Optech T-LWIR system, the only permanently UK based vertical aerial sensor specifically designed for assessing building heat loss, and operating only under best practice weather conditions, Bluesky has been successfully flying such surveys for over 12 years.  Our approach allows entire towns to be flown within one evening, or we can simply target key areas capturing heat emissivity levels from roofs giving a snap-shot of individual hot spots and problem areas.

By combining a standard thermal survey with a simultaneously captured LiDAR survey, heated buildings not shown on existing LLPG databases have been identified – potentially indicating illegal dwellings that require further investigation.

They can assist with:

  • indicating ageing housing stock and degradation of home insulation

  • identification of damaged roofs and missing tiles

  • concerns about increased winter deaths amongst vulnerable residents

  • fuel poverty

  • aiding with the identification of potential illegal dwellings

  • providing supporting evidence of illegal dwellings required for prosecution