Air quality is a problem that affects us all, but balancing high-quality air with modern city living is a challenge.  Poor air quality has a significant impact on health, quality of life and even life expectancy.  Bluesky’s Air Quality Mapper (AQM) is aimed at helping government and air quality specialists understand the air quality situation within an urban environment, at different times of the day and throughout the year.

Developed in conjunction with the University of Leicester, the airborne Air Quality Mapper is an instrument which measures the amount of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which is an indicator of other pollutants, over a city at an unprecedented scale, at up to 5m resolution.  An entire city can be measured in a matter of hours and can identify air pollution sinks and sources.  At the core of the AQM is a spectrometer which has been developed by University of Leicester and Surrey Satellite Ltd.


The resulting data can be presented as a map for use in GIS, or even in Google Earth, to help raise public awareness.  A full report on pollution sinks and sources can also be provided.

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  • Urban NO2 emissions monitoring


  • City-wide transport emissions


  • Localised traffic emissions (i.e. school commute)


  • Industrial emissions


  • Near-urban surveying


  • NO2 pollution transport


  • Sensitive ecosystem threats


  • Unique low cost aerial air quality survey capability


  • Comprehensive picture of NO2 distributions not available from ground-based sensors


  • Multiple surveys at different times of day reveal traffic emission patterns

EarthSense has been set up by Bluesky and the University of Leicester with the aim of developing products the enable the world to visualise and solve its air quality issues, with a range of products comprising both hardware and modelling software.

To find out more visit the dedicated EarthSense website