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Bluesky is the leading aerial survey company in the UK providing a range of survey, geographic and CAD data, including aerial photography, mapping and LiDAR.  Our continuous investment in cutting edge technology enables us to offer the most accurate, current and highest resolution datasets available. Customer focussed and committed to innovation our products and services are constantly evolving to meet the needs of a broad range of market sectors in the 21st century. These include 3D building models, National Tree Map™, topographic mapping, thermal surveys and a range of specialist data analysis. In addition to this we are Ordnance Survey partners.

Bluesky is also the leading aerial survey and GIS data company in the Republic of Ireland

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Bluesky provides customers with instant access to an ever increasing range of environmental data including several free datasets.

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Bluesky is one of the leading suppliers of aerial survey services in the UK and offers the most up to date and advanced aerial survey equipment.


The Bluesky Mapshop provides customers with instant access to an ever increasing range of GIS and environmental data including many free datasets.

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Aerial Photography | LiDAR | National Tree Map™ | Ordnance Survey Data



  • Aerial Photography - National  25cm | Urban  12.5cm


  • Colour Infrared - National  25cm | Urban  12.5cm 


  • Digital Terrain Model - National  5m | Urban  2.5m


  • Digital Surface Model - National  2m | Urban  1m

  • National Tree Map (NTM™) - England & Wales (some Scotland)


  • LiDAR - Selected area & tailored survey (1 ppm to 30 ppm) 


  • NDVI  -  National Areas 50cm 


  • 3D Building Models  -  Created on demand to your own specification

Many other datasets are also available, please call for if you have a specific requirement




Bluesky is a leading supplier of aerial survey, GIS and location-based data and services. Operating globally Bluesky has offices in the UK, US, Ireland and India. Specialising in aerial photography and LiDAR, Bluesky uses the latest technology and an experienced team to produce both off-the-shelf and tailored products across a range of market sectors. We capture vertical and oblique photography as well as LiDAR and thermal, and are experts in the creation of seamless true ortho, digital terrain models, digital surface models and 3D models.  

Bluesky International Ltd. are proud to be a founding member of EAASI (European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries)

For more information about EAASI and how to apply, please click here...